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我们是谁?上海思麦森健身服务有限公司是一家专注一企业健身和健康管理的集成服务供应商, 为客户提供一站式解决方案。                                                                                                                           Shanghai SMARTSUN Fitness Services company is an integrated service providerthat focuses on corporate fitness and health management, which providingcustomers with “one-stop”solution.

公司总部位于上海,在多个一线城市设有分公司。思麦森是沪上专业的企业健身管理公司。通过多年的经验积累,思麦森逐渐探索出多种适合企业员工的运动健康和健身管理模式。迄今为止,思麦森已经为130多家企业提供适合的运动健康方案和健身活动支持,负责多家500强企业、五星级酒店、国际学校、高端会所健身中心的运营和管理,为近一百万名客户提供服务。                                                                                                                       SMARTSUN headquarter locates in Shanghai, and has branches in manyfirst-tier cities.SMARTSUN is a professional enterprise fitness management company in Shanghai. SMARTSUN has accumulated lots of experienceof variety sports and fitness management models suitable for employees throughmany years practice. UP to now, SMARTSUN has provided fitness programs and activities support to more than 130 enterprises, responsible for the fitness centeroperation and management of many fortune 500 enterprises, five-star hotel,international school, high-end club fitness centers, providing services tonearly one million customers.

公司拥有资深企业健身房管理及活动执行的服务管理团队,来自各专业领域的专家,针对客户需求,提供企业配套项目及优质的专属服务。思麦森,以创造和谐企业氛围和为客户提供全面服务解决方案作为企业核心驱动力。我们将为企业提供等诸多方面提升新的行业高度。每一个公司,都担负着一份社会责任,对自身员工、周边社区及环境承担着不可推卸的义务。作为一家倡导Wellness生活方式的公司,凭借完善的质量管理体系、以及优秀的专业团队,思麦森正致力于打造其特有的高端服务形象。                                                                                                                     Ourcompany has a professional enterprise fitness center operation and wellness& health consulting service management team, We also have senior expertsfrom various related fields, to meet customer needs, provide corporate wellnessand quality fitness health services. SMARTSUN, regard creating enterprise harmoniousatmosphere and providing customers with comprehensive solution as theenterprise core driving force. Every company bear the social responsibilities,take responsibility for own employees, surrounding communities and environment.As a company advocating Wellness lifestyle, SMARTSUN is devote to build auniquehigh-end service image with soundquality management system and excellent professional team.

未来,公司将秉承“为股东提供丰厚回报,为客户提供优质服务,为员工提供成就平台,为社会提供健康和凝聚力支持”的信念,继续以体育活动经营为核心,不断拓宽现有体育产品的运营领域,积极探索提升企业员工健康及幸福指数新的运营模式,致力于发展成为具有国际影响力的中国体育活动运营商和企业员工福利的提供商。在可以预见的未来,SS的全体员工将秉承公司独特的核心企业文化理念创新、超越、变革(Innovation, Proceed, Fresh), 携手共建,立志于把公司建设成为立柱于大中华区,面相亚太区服务的较有影响力的服务供应商。                                               In the future, SMARTSUN will continue focusing on sports activities,expanding the operating field of the existing sports products, improving theoperation of employee’s health and happiness by adhering the faith of “providethe abundant returns to shareholders, offer the platform for employees toachieve, provide the health and cohesion for the society”, and committed to bea China sports operator and a supplier of staff welfare with internationalinfluence. In the foreseeable future, in accordance with the enterprise corecorporate culture, all the staff of SMARTSUN will constantly innovate, proceed,reform, and go forward to become an influential supplier which based in greater China and facing theAsia-pacific region as well.

我们将通过前沿的健身健康理念使客户企业的发展并提供有效的协助,成为行业先驱者和致力于从事健身行业人才的归属地并已为此付诸努力。                                                                                                                           Through the cutting-edge fitness and health concept, we will make the development of customer enterprises and provide effective assistance, and become the pioneer of the industry and the place dedicated to the fitness industry talent and have made efforts to this end.

成长轨迹   GrowthTrack

Mar 2011  公司成立   Mar 2011Company Establishment

Jun 2016  思麦森的服务获得企业客户认可,同期拿下了包括英特尔、腾讯及杜克大学等知名企业并在服务期间中获得嘉奖   Jun 2016 SMARTSUN’sservices have been recognized by customers, and was awarded by Intel, Tencent,Duke University as well as other well-known enterprises over the same period.

Jun 2019  思麦森业务范围扩展至全国多个城市,为各种企业开始定制健身健康服务     Jun 2019 SMARTSUN’Sbusiness has expanded to a number of cities over the country, and customizefitness and health services for a variety of enterprises.
麦森公司总部位于上海,全国设有北京、广州、杭州3个分公司,并在南京,武汉,苏州,天津,昆山,成都,深圳,济南等十多个地方设有办事处,业务范围覆盖全国,员工人数已达200+。  SMARTSUN is headquartered in Shanghai, which has 3 branches in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou and offices is more than 10 cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Tianjin, Kunshan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Jinan, etc. Its business covers the whole country, and the employees has reached more than 200.


Smartsun MSD Account was awarded by Sodexo for our superior quality and excellent performance in 2021.

Smartsun was named an Excellent Outsourcing Team in 2020 by MAXUS

Smartsun was named an Excellent Service Team  by MAXUS

Smartsun was named an Excellent Partner in 2014 by Tencent
Smartun was named the Best Team in 2019 by Tencent


Smartsun won the netease outstanding supplier award in 2020


Smartsun won the netease outstanding supplier award in 2019


Smartsun was named an Outstanding Provider in 2015 by Intel site in JLL


Smartsun was named an Innovative Service Provider in 2019 by Intel site in JLL


Smartsun was named an Innovative Service Provider in 2020 by Intel site in JLL


Smartsun was awarded the Best Supplier Award by  International School -DULWICH COLLEGE


Smartsun was awarded the DSM  Supplier of Excellence Award


Smartsun was named the Best organizer of RUN for FUN in Shanghai

我们的荣誉这么多年      我们的服务质量始终保持不变

Have been honored for so many years,while still remain the same service quality.

服务理念               Service Philosophy

播种一种行为,收获一种习惯;播种一种习惯,收获一种性格;播种一种性格,收获一种命运。我们只有持之以恒地以一种“小题大做”式的慎重态度处理好每一个服务细节,才能让产品或服务日臻完美,形成与客户的亲和力,形成企业的文化修养                                                                                                                                                       Sow a behavior, and then reap a habit; Sow a habit,and then reap acharacteristic. Sow a characteristic, and then reap a fate.  Consistently “fuss over”every service detailcan make the product or service increasing progress, create affinity with thecustomer and the corporate culture as well.

尊重客户,理解客户,持续提供超越客户期望的产品与服务,做客户们永远的伙伴                                           Respect for customers, understand customers,continue provide products and services which exceedcustomer’s expectation,be customer’slasting partner.

换位思考,感悟客户需求;主动服务,超越客户期待做客户永远的伙伴                                                             Transposition thinking, understanding customers demands,offering, services initiative, be customer’s lasting partner.

微笑、速度、诚信、技巧、专业                                                                                                                         Smile, speed, integrity, skill, profession

沟通从心开始,服务从心开始                                                                                                                        Communication with customers from the heart, service from the heart.

用户的每一件小事,都是思麦森的大事                                                                                                               Every little thing about customer is big thing for SMARTSUN.

企业文化          Business Culture

我们致力创造积极向上的企业文化,并渗透到公司各个层面以及每位员工中。这种文化体现在我们的“人文观念”以及我们的核心价值观中。我们团结一致,精诚合作,以人为本,尽忠职守,并关心周围的事务,坚持为我们面对的每一个挑战提供适合的解决方案。传递健康,分享快乐以质量为核心,以客户为中心。追求卓越,不断创新,超越期望,引领潮流,力争成为客户心目中的优秀健身服务供应商。                                                                                     We devote to create a positive corporate culture that permeates staff atall levels. This culture is embodied in our corporate culture and core value.We unite to sincerely cooperate, people-oriented, attentiveness to duties, takecare of the our concerns,  insist on providing appropriate solutions to every challenge we face. We pass health, share happiness, customer-oriented. Westrive for excellence, constantly innovate, exceed expectation, set the trend,Strive to be an excellent fitness service provider in the eyes of customers.

核心价值观     Core Values

为企业等各类用户,创建一个专业、愉悦、全方位的一站式健康平台。                                                             Tocreate a professional,pleasant, comprehensive one-stop health platform forvarious types of users.

* 使命:将健康的运动生活方式及理念传递给企业每一位员工,让他们真正的快乐工作、享受生活。             Mission:To transmit the healthy lifestyle and conceptto every staff of the enterprise, and make them enjoy the work and life truly.

* 愿景:结合专业、创新、超越、变革及标准化的管理,致力于发展成为具有国际影响力的中国体育活动运营商和企业员工福利及服务的提供商                                                                                                                         Vision:To innovate, beyond, reform and standardizedmanagement base on specialized knowledge, we are committed to be Chinese sportsevent operator with international influence which provide the employees welfareand services.

* 价值观:正直,尽责,合作,创新。                                                                                                                  Value:Integrity, conscientiousness, cooperation,innovation.

* 核心价值观:为消费者、企业等各类用户,创建一个公平、公正、全方位的商品信息应用平台。                         Corevalue:To create a fairness, equity andcomprehensive information application platform for various types of consumersand enterprises.                                                                                                                                  

* 企业精神:锐意进取,追求卓越。                                                                                                                      Enterprisespirit:  Forage ahead, striving forexcellence,

* 经营理念:一切以用户价值为依归,发展安全健康活跃平台。                                                                            Businessphilosophy:  Develop a safe, healthy,active platform all in according with the customer value.

* 管理理念:关心员工成长、强化执行能力、追求高效和谐、平衡激励约束。                                                       Managementphilosophy: Care employee development, enhance executive ability, pursue highefficiency and harmony, balance the awards and punishment.

我们的指导原则:我们要确保领导者具有追求经营业绩的魄力。                                                                               Guidingprinciple: Ensure the leader pursue the business achievement.

我们要把赢得客人忠实感作为事业发展的主要驱动力。                                                                                            To wincustomer loyalty as the main driving force of business development.

我们要使员工能够在为客人服务的现场及时做出果断决定。                                                                                     Toenable employee make quick decision when they serve the clients.

我们要确保每个中心乃至整个公司都取得最佳经营业绩。                                                                                         To makesure that the each operation project and even the whole company achieve thebest business performance.

我们要努力创造一个既有利于员工事业发展,又有助于实现他们个人生活目标的环境。                                               Striveto create an environment that is conductive to both the employees careerdevelopment and realizing their life goals.

我们要在与人相处时表现出诚挚、关爱和正直的品质。                                                                                             Showsincerity, care and integrity when we get along with others.

我们要加强环保意识,保障客人和员工的安全。                                                                                                       Strengthenenvironmental awareness, provide the security for customers and employees.

企业社会责任    Corporate-Social-Responsibility

SMARTSUNand Shanghai children’s medical center affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tonguniversity school of medicine are collaboration on the health of obesechildren.                                                   SMARTSUNcooperated with Shanghai children’s medical center in developing a trainingsystem in the field of health and nutrition for obese children,  do exercise guidance and intervention forchildren with diabetes and endocrine disorders, provide the solution of weightloss for obese children.

国家科技部重点研发专项(课题编号:2016YFC1305204)                                                                                     KeyR&D Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology (No. 2016YFC1305204)

全球儿童青少年糖尿病发病率以每年3%的速度增长。肥胖是青少年糖尿病主要的危险因素,上海儿童医学中心“肥胖门诊”在国家科技部重点研发专项资助下,研究适用于中国国情且有效可行的“肥胖”青少年膳食营养和运动指导干预方案,旨在提高肥胖儿童青少年的体质,降低成年后糖尿病等代谢性疾病的发生。                             Theincidence of juvenile diabetes is increasing at a rate of 3% per year in theworldwide. Obesity is a major risk factor for juvenile diabetes. With thespecial funding from the ministry of science and technology for key researchand development, Shanghai children’s medical center “obesity clinic”study theeffectiveness and feasibility of dietary nutrition and exercise guidanceintervention programs for obese adolescents in China, which aim at improvingthe health of obese adolescents and reducing the incidence of metabolicdiseases such as diabetes in adulthood.

儿童医学中心营养科拥有科学的膳食干预方案,可为每个肥胖儿童青少年建立个体化合理减肥食谱。既能保证生长期营养素的需求,又能达到有效减重的效果,并通过专业仪器定期做体脂成份评估。与思麦森健身合作,制定针对儿童青少年发育特点的体能运动方案,做到趣味与效果结合,使其能长期坚持并稳定减重。                                           Department ofnutrition at Shanghai children’s medical center has a scientific dietary intervention program. It can customize the individual and reasonable dietary,which not only ensure the nutritional requirements but also achieve effectiveweight loss, and do assessment of body fat composition regularly.  According to the development characteristicof teens, Shanghai children’s medical center work with SMARTSUN customize thephysical activity programs considering the interest and effect, so that teenscan adhere to weight loss steadily in long term.

合作申请:                                                                                                                                                   Application for cooperation:                                                                                                                           与全球领先的专业公司合作,一起为客户提供具有竞争力的方案和服务。                                                                 The world's leading professional companies to work together to provide customers with competitive solutions and services

好的结果需要好的合作伙伴,思麦森期待与您的合作!                                                                                       Good results need good partners, Smersen look forward to working with you!


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