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思麦森企业健身健康管理专家,提供设计咨询 ,整套效果图设计,设备布局规划,健身设备采购及租赁,健身会所&健身中心&健身课程 运营管理服务,企业健康活动             As an expert of enterprise fitness and health management, Smartsunprovides design consultation,thecomplete set of effect diagram design, equip layout,fitness equipment procurement and rental,fitness course and operation management services for fitness club or fitnesscenter, enterprise health activities.

一、企业健身空间管理--整体效果设计和配置布局                                                         Enterprise fitness space management--Overall effect design and configuration layout.

案例一:企业健身综合场馆;健身中心、游泳池、篮球场单车房瑜伽房乒乓房桌球房 淋浴更衣区                                                                                               Case1:Integrative and professional enterprise gymwith fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, spinning room, yoga room,table tennis room, snooker room, shower area

案例二:企业健身中心-有氧区域、无氧区域、淋浴更衣区                                             Case2: Enterprise fitness center with aerobicarea, anaerobic area, shower area

企业超大型健身中心案例 The case of enterprise supper fitness center

企业大型健身中心案例The case of enterprise large fitness center

企业运动康复中心案例The case of enterprise sports rehabilitation center

企业小型健身中心室案列The case of enterprise fitness studio

企业定制普拉提主题健身中心Enterprise Pilates studio

企业健身中心运营管理服务:教练输出团体课程输出                                             Operation management for enterprise fitness center: fitnesscoach, fitness group courses

三、企业健身设备管理--健身设备品牌企业渠道代理                                                  Equipment management for enterprise fitnesscenter: fitness equipment agent

逾 45 年来,Cybex始终致力于打造品质上乘的健身设备,我们的设备依托
所有 Cybex 健身产品基于 Cybex研究所开展的大量人类生理学与生物力学
For more than 45 years, Cybex has been committed to building
qualityfitness equipment, which is based on fitness science and
designed for people who care about results.
All Cybex fitness products are designed based on the results of
extensive human physiology and biomechanics research conducted
at the Cybex Institute. Our aerobic and strength training equipment
is safe and effective, which can help members of different levels
significantly improve fitness results.

Precor必确是世界上领先的健身设备供应商之一。我们制造的每一件健身设备不仅具备可靠性、易用性和坚固的结构,还能保障用户顺畅、连贯和精确地进行运动。         Precor is one of the leading fitness equipment suppliers in the world. Every piece of fitness equipment we manufacture is not only reliable, easy to use and sturdy in structure, but also ensures that users can exercise smoothly, coherently and accurately.

Octane专注于椭圆机领域,志在重塑和完善全功能训练器(椭圆机)。创始人在健身领域拥有超过40年的从业经验。Octane椭圆机致力于成为全球首屈一指的多功能训练器材,帮助并激励您更快速地实现健身目标。                                                                 Octane focuses on the elliptical machinedomain,with the goal of reshaping and refining the trainer with fully function(elliptical machine). The founder has more than 40 years experience in thefitness industry. Octane elliptical machine is committed to becoming the world's leading multi-functional training equipment which help and motivate you achieve your fitness goals morequickly.


With t beautiful and elegantappearance, outstanding ergonomic design and the most advanced functions,Intenza successfully entered China market within a year and become the favoriteof large gym and star hotel. Its design style enhance the gym’s whole level.

gym80“德国制造”象征着我们对德国作为生产基地和精良质量的承诺。这个箴言帮助我们成长为一家成功的全球健身、医疗和高品质设备制造商。三十八年来,只做一件事情,就是做完美的力量设备,连续15次获得bodylife最好的力量设备大奖。       “Made in German”of gym80 is a symbol ofour commitment to German as a manufacturing base and superior quality. Thismantra has helped us grow into a successful global manufactured in the field offitness and health care with high quality, and be awarded bodylife’s beststrength training devices 15 times. The only thing what we have done is build the perfect strength training devices for these 38 years.

Stages稳固铝架结构与碳纤维带磁阻传动系统,带来无噪音更平稳的真实骑感;三档快速调节和小格精确微调阻控装置,使骑行者能快速调控到位;专利功率计数Stages Power提供准确的结果;技术领先的Stages生态面板不仅显示骑行者的功率输出,还能利用骑行者的骑行实现自我充电;可通过蓝牙®4.0或ANT TM实现无缝无线连接,旨在为每个骑行者打造梦寐以求的路面骑行仿真感。                                                       Stages, its stable aluminum framestructure and carbon fiber tape reluctance drive system bring a real stableride experience without noise; three-speed adjustment and small cell precisefine-tuning resistance device can help rider quickly control in place; “StagesPower”of patented power counting provides accurate results; the advanced StagesEco-panel not only displays the rider’s output power but also recharge itselfby rider’s workout; Seamless and wireless connection via blue tooth ®4.0 or ANTTM aims to build a coveted high fidelity simulation for each rider.

全球新概念的加速振动训练器——Power Plate,采用高端振动技术使训练更快速,更安全。适合各种不同训练模式。无论是私教还是小团体课程都能达到良好的效果。更是专业运动队和大型健身房的明星产品。                                                                       Global new concept of accelerated vibration trainer------Power Plate, adopts high-end vibration technology tomake training faster and safer, which have good performances both in privatetraining and group course with different training mode. Meanwhile it is alsothe star of professional teams and large gym.

由于持续、剧烈的疼痛困扰,TriggerPoint的创始人 Cassidy Phillips 决定将健康掌握在自己手中。2001年开始,他的身体开始出现故障。被告知因肌肉功能障碍而无法继续自己的运动生涯。为了恢复身体,继续保持健康、充满活力的生活,Cassidy Phillips 开始了解肌肉结构和功能障碍肌肉组织的再生,耗费大量时间了解各种按摩、护理和传统止痛方法,在此基础上设计出一种突破性的方法,发明了按摩球并且创立了 TriggerPoint™。今天,TriggerPoint已成为一家拥有 25 年历史的公司并成为Implus LLC 的一员,产品与教学服务已走遍全美和走向全球。                                       Because of the constant and severe pain,Cassidy Phillips, the founder of Trigger Point has decided to take control ofhis own health.Since 2001, he began tohave health problem and was told that he could not continue his sports careerbecause of muscular dysfunction. In order to recover and maintain healthy andenergetic life, Cassidy Phillips started to learn more about muscle structureand the regeneration of dysfunctional muscle tissue, spent lots of time onlearning about massage, nursing and traditional painkillers, and designed abreakthrough approach that led to the invention of the massage ball and thecreation of TriggerPoint™.Today, TriggerPoint is a 25 year old company and a member of Implus LLC, whoseproducts and services have traveled across the United States and around theworld.

InBody成功开发了保障精确度和再现性的体成分分析仪。 InBody的产品被广泛应用于医疗、健身、美容、体育等领域。目前为止,InBody为全球90多个国家提供产品和服务,每年以20%以上的增长率不断壮大。                                                             InBody has successfully developed a bodycomponent analyzer that ensures accuracy and reproducibility and is widely usedin medical, fitness, beauty, sports and other fields. It provides products andservices so far to more than 90 countries around the world, and still growingat more than 20% a year.


France Gerflor, is the world famous PVC floor materialmanufacturer and supplier, the global leader in indoor PVC floor material. Itis taking a leading role in the whole industry and is also one of the mainsuppliers of China’s resilient flooring material. Its headquarter of France isin Lyon, and owns 7 factories as well as sales branches cover more than 50countries and regions all over the world. It is the first company in the worldto produce homogeneous flooring (10 years before Tarett), the first company toproduce non directional homogeneous flooring and the only manufacturer in theworld that makes use of elastic dense back layer in production to enhance theelasticity and dimensional stability of floor. It has more than 70 yearsexperience in the production of PVC plastic flooring.

四、企业健康活动解决方案                                                                                         Enterprise health activity solution

1、员工工位健康解决方案                                                                                           Workplace health solution

2、沙龙与活动组织                                                                                                     Salon and event organization

3、企业健康四大活动:                                                                                                 Four major health activities of enterprise:

A. 工间操                                                                                                               Office exercise

B. 办公空间健康解决方案                                                                                     Healthsolution in office space

C. 会议室健康解决方案                                                                                     Healthsolution in meeting room

D. 年会、运动会、家庭日、拓展团建                                                                     Annualmeeting, sports meeting, family day, team building

4、企业团体课程                                                                                                        Enterprise group course

思麦森拥有非常丰富的企业团操输出及管理经验,优秀的师资资源100多门课程供企业选择。无论您有没有健身房,我们都会为您量身定制合适的团课。                             Smartsun has a very rich experience in outputtingand managing group courses with excellent coach resources and more than 100courses. No matter whether has a gym or not, we will customize the group coursefor the enterprise.

A. 有氧器械综合类训练课程:激发你持续挑战,让你在每次的训练中竭尽全力,并让你释放自我,放飞自我,感觉像冠军一样。                                                             Comprehensive training course with aerobicequipment:inspire you to keepchallenging and do your best in every training session, fly yourself and makeyou feel like a champion.

B. 身心类课程:普拉提、瑜伽等,通过动作的伸展、呼吸、静思,让人们在纷繁忙碌的生活中找到平衡身心的最佳方式,从而深刻地体会到身心合一的愉悦和畅快。                 Psychosomatic course: Pilates, yoga,etc. Helppeople find the best way to balance the body and mind,so as to deeplyexperience the integration of spirit and body.

C. 舞蹈类课程:民族舞、现代舞、爵士舞等,身体随着节奏而动,流畅而有韵律感,既让你享受了美,又让你忘却了运动的疲劳。                                                                   Dance class: folk dance, modern dance, jazz, etc.The body moves with the sense of rhythm, which let you enjoy it so much andignore fatigue meanwhile.

D. 单车类课程:炫目的灯光、劲爆的音乐、激情澎湃的教练......瞬间就能让你的血液沸腾起来。                                                                                                               Spinning course: dazzling lights, blastingmusic, passionate coach...... make your blood boil in a moment.                                                                                           E. 功夫类课程 : 太极、八段锦、搏击等,锻炼筋骨、强壮体魄、陶冶情操、磨练意志。 Kungfu course: Tai Chi, Baduanjin, kickboxing,etc. Building strong body and chastening the volition.

5、线上运营系统管理                                                                                              On-line operation management system

系统登记                          Registration

课程预约                          Course Reservation

信息查询分析                   Information Inquiry and Analysis

门禁解决方案                   Access Control Solution

可视化解决方案                VisualizationSolution

Application for cooperation

申请合作:                                                                                                                 与全球领先的专业公司合作,一起为客户提供具有竞争力的方案和服务。

The world's leading professional companies to work together to provide customers with competitive solutions and services.

好的结果需要好的合作伙伴,思麦森互动期待与您的合作!                                     Good results need good partners, Smersen look forward to working with you!



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